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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum quantity for an order?

Our minimum quantities are 48 pieces for Screen Printing & 24 pieces for Embroidery per design.

  • Can I order less than the minimum quantity?

Yes; however, the price will not be the same. Ask about our SMALL BUSINESS PROMO!

  • Can I provide my own garments / items?

Yes. We advise that we see the product to ensure that it can be printed on. Customers also have their garments sewn and we provide the embroidery service.*

*There is an admin fee for items provided. This price is based on when the items are provided, not on the quantity of items.

You will also be paying the price to print or embroider each item. In the case of screen printing, it's $5.00 for the first color and $1.00 for every additional. In the case of embroidery, the logo price will be calculated by stitch count; however, the minimum is $10.00 per garment.

  • Do we keep items in stock?

We only keep t-shirts and promotional items in stock; all other garments and items are special ordered. There are times when we have certain garments like dri-fits in stock.

  • What is the price of a garment?

All garments / items are included with printing cost (based on specific logo placements). The price depends on the type of item you are getting.

  • What logo placements are included with the price of the items?

T-shirt placements are: Left Chest & Full Back, Left Chest & Nape, Full Front, Full Front & Nape, Full Front & One Color Full Back. 

Embroidery placements are: Left Chest.

* Any additional placements have an added cost.

  • What is the turn around time for items to be delivered?  

 4  to 6 weeks for special ordered items & 7 to 10 working days for in stock items after payment is received.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We bank with ScotiaBank and Belize Bank for online deposits. We also take GOB POs, cash and company cheques.

  • What is the minimum deposit required?  

Any estimate that is less than $1500.00 requires full payment. For estimates that are over $1500.00, a deposit of 75% is required.

*POs received need to be paid in full before orders are processed. 

  • Do we provide shipping outside of the city?

We provide free delivery to any air, land and sea courier services based on customer's request, such as: Tropic Air, Maya Island Air, San Pedro Belize Express, Ocean Ferry and BPMS. The customer pays the freight from the preferred carrier to their destination.


  • What is the return policy?  

We do not accept returns or exchanges on decorated merchandise that was ordered in error by the customer regarding color, sizes and styles. We take full responsibility for any errors made on our part.

*If an order is canceled after payment is received, we charge a 20% cancellation fee. 

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